by Tyler Core

by Tyler Core

“Birds of North America” Reviews

“As John and Caitlyn, J.R. Sullivan and Melisa Breiner-Sanders are two tremendously talented actors who connect with the material, the dialogue, the story arcs and their roles so effortlessly, you'd swear the playwright wrote "Birds of North of America" with each of them in mind.…And as the story evolves, they bring a mastered passion, honesty and practicality to the proceedings that makes each and every one of their character turns (the play takes place over a 12-year period) resonate with complete believability, illumination and practicality…The two member cast is outstanding” -Jim Rucco, Connecticut Critics Circle

“The writing and acting here is at its strongest with Breiner-Sanders doing exemplary work without overplaying the emotional aspects of what she is saying.” -Tom Holehan, Connecticut Critics Circle

“…this highly talented two person cast of J.R. Sullivan and Mélisa Breiner-Sanders…have such an excellent stage chemistry with each other that, combined with the intimate setting of the venue makes it easy for the audience to forget that we are watching a show, and not eye-witnessing a real father and daughter interacting…Mélisa Breiner-Sanders effectively conveys a myriad of emotions through her various facial expressions, including making it clear that something was wrong, before the audience hears about her loss of her baby. Her delivery of her lines is spot on and resonates as real and natural with the audience.” -Sean Fallon, BroadwayWorld Connecticut

“…I couldn’t help but lean in to the stage to look for the birds too. That is how convincing the scene is.” - Joanne Greco Rochman, The Ridgefield Press

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Birds of North America
by Anna Moench
Played Caitlyn in this 2-hander about a father and daughter.
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Being Here Festival News
Windy City Film Festival - Winner Best Chicago Drama
Magnolia Film Festival - Winner Best Student Film
Bermuda International Film Festival - Semi-Finalist Top Ten
New Jersey Recovery Film Festival - Winner Best Director

DePaul University - The Theatre School - MFA Actor

Comedy Reel, Dramatic Reel and Voiceover Demo

Being Here

Written & Directed by Sydney O'Haire
Starring Mélisa Breiner-Sanders, Carin Silkaitis & Shariba Rivers

Film Festivals: Windy City Film Festival (Winner Best Chicago Drama), Magnolia Film Festival (Winner Best Student Film), Bermuda International Film Festival (Semi-Finalist Top Ten), New Jersey Recovery Film Festival (Winner Best Director)
Upcoming: Newark International Film Festival, Berkshire Film Festival, Au Contraire Film Festival (Montreal) and Lisbon Mental Health Festival.

Inspired by true events, Being Here follows the life of Charlie, a young woman in her late 20s, as her three months in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility are coming to a close. In fear of leaving her newfound safety bubble, Charlie resists moving on from rehab — defaulting to all of her unhealthy coping mechanisms that brought here there in the first place.

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Original Music by Paul Bedal


Directed by Sydney O'Haire, Written by Abby Accetura
Starring Mélisa Breiner-Sanders and Elsa Guenther


Seven Lovers Digital Release

Feature Film from Breiner-Sanders Productions

Available NOW on Amazon and iTunes

Laura is a young librarian/nightclub singer trying to navigate the endless complexities of love, lust, and dating in contemporary New York. In a fractured kaleidoscope of genre and emotion, we watch seven of Laura’s romances play out in a series of interwoven vignettes – with each of her lovers laying claim to a very specific cinematic style. From glamorous black-and-white musical to gritty documentary, from crude animation to rapid-cutting montage, Laura's lovers take her on a journey of joy, pain, and self-discovery – and it all builds up to one defining choice.

Cast: Erin Darke, Fran Kranz, Peter Mark Kendall, Gia Crovatin, Max von Essen
Director: Keith Boynton
Production Co: Breiner-Sanders Productions
Distributor: Premiere Digital Services
Genres: Drama/Romance

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