by Tyler Core

by Tyler Core

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DePaul University - The Theatre School - MFA Actor

New Reel and Voiceover Demo

"[Melisa] shines magnificently under the bright lights of a particularly arduous monologue"
NY Times audience review 

"Breiner-Sanders delivers a heartwrenching monologue, revealing something brutally intimate about her past."
Theatre Is Easy 

Brand New Reel Featuring clips from Dressed, My Secret Friend, We're Breaking Up, and Interview with an Applicant.


Directed by Sydney O'Haire, Written by Abby Accetura
Staring Mélisa Breiner-Sanders and Elsa Guenther


Seven Lovers Digital Release

Feature Film from Breiner-Sanders Productions

Available NOW on Amazon and iTunes

Laura is a young librarian/nightclub singer trying to navigate the endless complexities of love, lust, and dating in contemporary New York. In a fractured kaleidoscope of genre and emotion, we watch seven of Laura’s romances play out in a series of interwoven vignettes – with each of her lovers laying claim to a very specific cinematic style. From glamorous black-and-white musical to gritty documentary, from crude animation to rapid-cutting montage, Laura's lovers take her on a journey of joy, pain, and self-discovery – and it all builds up to one defining choice.

Cast: Erin Darke, Fran Kranz, Peter Mark Kendall, Gia Crovatin, Max von Essen
Director: Keith Boynton
Production Co: Breiner-Sanders Productions
Distributor: Premiere Digital Services
Genres: Drama/Romance

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